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In Motion Pilates - Personal Training On the Go!:

In Motion Pilates assists clients with maintaining mobility, strengthening, stretching, and balancing one’s body in my studio or in your home. Don’t feel like going to the fitness gym? Yes, I will travel to your home or place of work.  How about a lunch time Pilates power hour? All you need is 55 minutes, a yoga mat, attire you can move comfortably in and your body.  Feel empowered, reenergized, reintegrated for the rest of the day.

Exercise- Personal Training in Eugene - Springfield, Oregon

Modeling and training of the Pilates technique

Personalized Training for Your Unique Body:

Pilates is a series of movements based on the goal of improving one's range of motion while also using resistance training to target and develop different muscle groups, with an emphasis on the core muscles as the foundation of a well balanced body. Though there are certain exercises that are universal to all Pilates programs, Pilates is designed to be tailored to the demands of the individual and their unique body. Not only are we born with different genetic propensities, but everyone’s lifestyle is different. The needs of an athlete compared to someone who sits at a desk all day will be very different, let alone those of a young person compared to an older person, or someone that was born with a congenital disability compared to someone who’s experienced a life changing injury. 

Pilates is designed to meet each individual where they are in their own life and body. It is a system inherently built upon the notion of personal training. Though there are a number of varying mat classes designed for large groups, the nature of Pilates itself, and Joseph Pilates signature ‘apparatus’ are clearly designed for individualized training. You can only get one person on a Reformer at a time. The various apparatus are designed to target specific muscles with specific exercises. It takes a qualified personal trainer not only to show a person how to use the equipment properly and safely, but to also teach the vast range of exercises available, and most importantly, which exercises are most suitable for each individual. As we grow through life our daily routines will place more development on certain muscles while neglecting the development of other muscles. Proper personalized coaching by a certified Pilates instructor will help an individual target those muscles that have been under utilized and poorly developed, with the goal of achieving better posture and more effective movement throughout their days.

Hands on personal training in Eugene & Springfield, Or.

Hands on training for proper form

Personal training for all ages in Eugene & Springfield, Or.

Personal training for men and women of all ages

Philosophy:  Knowledge is power!

First and foremost, we need to be sweet to our bodies, bottom line. We get to live in our bodies, our vessel for all of our days. We need to take as good of care of it as we can in order to age as gracefully as possible. Even then, we aren’t guaranteed anything, ever. What we have right now is a miracle. An absolute miracle. We have so many opportunities, responsibilities, things for which we have control or power over, whether we believe that or not. Pilates offers the knowledge to be empowered in our bodies and therefor everything we do with our bodies.

Personal Training Basics:


The mind-body-spirit connection I get with Pilates is meaningful, purposeful, & amazing! I’m engaged with my mind & body by being fully present and in the moment while I practice Pilates…which then carries over to being present in all the daily activities of my life. I love to share the empowerment Pilates provides. My heart shines when my clients begin to experience this themselves, within their own body, their Pilates practice, and lifestyle.


To begin, breath is essential, obviously. The average human can’t live without breathing for more than 5-10 minutes. Breath is a basic function of the autonomous nervous system, which means we essentially breathe without thinking about it. We just may not be breathing as well as we think we are. The quality of our breath affects the quality of our life. I teach awareness of breath & the importance of steady, smooth, intentional breathing, which empowers a person to tune in to the many messages their body is sending them each minute of every day. Ultimately, we want our movements and actions to be smooth, steady and intentional also. If we listen to our body we will learn that in moments of stress or anxiety our breathing cycle typically becomes shallow and rapid, but if we move out of that reactionary state and intentionally breathe slower and deeper we can proactively shift our bodily sensation to one of peace and calm, even in the most stressful of moments. Athletes very often use breath training to stay focused in the heat of competition. More and more executives are turning to breath training to increase their performance during the demands of their high intensity job. Effective breathing isn’t just important to type-A personalities. We all breathe, we all experience stress, and we all want to perform at our best. The Pilates system requires focused breath to perform each movement properly while ultimately strengthening your core muscles which tone your cardio vascular system and thus improve the quality of your breath. As you learn Pilates you will learn to breathe with intention.


A little can go along way; we don’t need to overdo anything, especially as we age. I emphasize consistency over intensity. A consistent health routine will pay dividends in the long run, whereas short spurts of intensity can actually make building a routine difficult, if not result in direct injury. No pain, no gain, can be a dangerous proposition. There’s no faster way to discourage someone to workout than to hurt them in the process. I always say 'the tortoise wins the race'. Start slow, be steady, and finish strong. I also like to say 1% improvement a day is %365 improvement over a year. My goal is to help my clients get comfortable in their bodies and to build a strong, sustainable relationship with their body for the rest of their lives.

Supplemental Modalities:

Through my years of experience and exploration I’ve also incorporated different modalities to compliment my personal training practice, and to offer supplemental resources to my clients. Yoga and Pilates are very similar and therefor complimentary, and I will incorporate some yoga poses as needed. In addition to the resistance training of Pilates I may also encourage some light weight lifting routines. I also can’t emphasize enough the importance of walking as a means of exercise and mindfulness. Walking is an integrated movement that involves numerous muscle groups and is tied into the quality of your breath, as I emphasized above. We are dynamic beings designed to be in motion; walking is a great opportunity to explore your body and open up your awareness of how you move and carry yourself.


Diet and hydration are also an important factor to a healthy personal training routine. We’ve all heard the phrase 'you are what you eat', or, 'garbage in garbage out'. I take the time with my clients to explore what it is they put into their body, so that they can get the most out of their body. Establishing a healthy diet is not a 'one size fits all’ scenario. Not only is each body different, but our bodies are constantly evolving and have different needs as we age; its important to pay attention to what serves us best as we grow and change. Hydration is essential, water being second only to oxygen on the list of bodily needs. Most people don’t drink nearly enough water, which not only influences brain function, but one’s energy levels, mobility and flexibility. Proper hydration is essential for healing and recovery from physical trauma including the impact of exercise and repetitive motions.